Critical Ops App Reviews

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Best game ever

I love this game

Best FPS game

The best shooter on mobile

This Game is AWESOME. A mobile version of csgo

The only problem is it’s a little too hard to get currency for cases

Big Problems

This game is amazing good things can come of it but; When you play on mobile there’s always a point where you - Freeze, Teleport, Disconnect and Lots of times where your bullet just doesn’t count. If these problems were fixed I believe the game would bring in more people. Plus not only is it a good game but the map variety is swell too! If they were able to add maps and increase the overall gameplay this game would be a hit!

Great but...

I can't open the game. This started happening about two weeks ago. Before it worked completely fine. It was amazing and it had amazing graphics and gameplay was fun. Please fix this!!!

Brewery’s Spawn is broken

It’s good that you guys added a new map, it was great and all, but after playing inside the I encounter some things, my team is getting burned down, because the enemy team members are literally inside my teams spawning point and they just shooting at us every time we spawn. Pls fix it

Need a code update

This is an awesome game. I play it a lot but it has a lot of glitches and hackers shooting through walls and cheating in anyway they can but other than that I love the game

iPhone X

This game is much harder to play on the iPhone X. The bottom portion of the screen is missing. Please make an up where the game can be optimized for iPhone X as well with everything fitted on screen. Thanks!

Great game

This is a spectacular game however, the hackers ruin the game like a lot of the hackers were to be addressed the game would be way better but it's kinda dead because hackers just abuse the game.

One of my favorite games

This is one of my favorite games and I love the gameplay. One thing that I would want to be added is a new game mode because playing the same ones over an over gets a little boring.

Great game plz read

The graphics are surprisingly great. The reason I rate it 4 stars is because its very hard to get credits. I would like it if every time you bin a game you get at least a few credits

El juego es muy bueno pero con algunos bugs

Hola Critical force el juego es muy bueno uno de los mejores pero tiene un poco de bugs por favor solucionen los y les quería pedir a ver si podían agregar una manera de denunciar a los hackers

Fix thisssss

When i the last update for the Christmas wont let me even open the game i opened it and pressed start... logging in .start menu again fix this plz cant play😢


Guys game is great, but players in game are to small, make them just a little bit bigger, bigger like for 0,5mm and it will be 5 <3. Great game.

Its ok but FPS too low.

It’s at 60 fps then drops to 4fps to 1fps but I like your new cases for 19 days :)

Not happy at the moment

I have played this game a lot. I liked it. It was fun. But I just lost all data. My clan, my skins, my credits, my friends all the money I used in this game. All gone for nothing. Stealing my money. I know not intentionally but I am not happy. I hope that someone can get in touch with me or fix this. Please plus there is no restore payments either.




Been playing for almost a year love the new updates and love the skins but fix the spawn lol


The game needs to put more weapon like the smgs,rifles and shotguns.


Awesome game!!!...addicting

Update for iPhone X

When I play on my iPhone X I cannot use the Settings button


I got a remix knife no skin but omg i love this game no matter what now yeeyeyyeeeyyeyee

Good Game

It’s a good game I love just need a bigger weapon variety!😕


The game is not responding when I attempt to open the application it will return to home screen immediately It will work on iPhone 7 iPad mini 2 etc but will not respond to iPad mini 1 please fix

Love this game

This game is so fun to play and It is just like csgo wich is cool, but my only concern is the hackers i havent played that much but ive come across many hackers. I know your working on it so i hope it will work when you release it. Otherwise I think it’s perfect. 👌

Best game ever but...

The is literally the best gaming app i play multiplayer with friends all the time, but it glitches way too often and they spawn right behind you which is annoying sometimes but gives us a challenge sometimes, hopefully they get this thing fixed soon.

Great but Game Center issues

I absolutely love this game. Perfect mix I was looking for cs go and cod. Awesome features. However, it won’t let me link my Game Center account and it’s getting really frustrating. Why won’t it link my account via Game Center? Also, it won’t give credits after completing offers. I really hope it keeps improving! It’s a great game.

Love the game some ideas

I love this game so much but you should give people who win a rank game cases and tokens please respond developers of critical ops thank you

Needs optimization for iPhone X

I have the iPhone X and this game is practically unplayable, screen is cut off all over the place and I can’t buy some guns because it does not show it. Other than that it is a really fun game and I would love to see how this continues!

iPhone X Aspect Ratio

I will always consider this one of my top favorites of the App Store. However when I open the game on my iPhone X it is missing the bottom portion of the screen. I cannot use the options menus. And I also cannot access all the weapon categories when buying before a round. This can be extremely frustrating when I want to use a weapon and it is unreachable on the screen. All other aspects of the game are amazing and I look forward to future updates from you guys! Great job!

Non stop everything of chaos

The new map got everyone got hyped up too much like for real every server of Brewery is messed up. We got so much dead bodies, gunfire, and every more thing that is 0_o. I was also hyped up too. Getting my Uratio no scoped 2 players in the skull is just how much everything is kaboom. I like it for some reason so I am putting 5 stars for a living of this popular app just wow.....

Please support iPhone X correctly

The game is amazing. I’ve experienced very little glitches and the loot crates are purely cosmetic, which I love. It’s not pay to win. The only problem is that the game looks horrible on iPhone X! The menu and game elements are cut off. It looks like the game has just been zoomed in. I’ve stopped playing the game with my friends because of this. Please fix ASAP.


Good game, but aim assist is a big problem for those who want to actually play people with skill.


I cant join a game without crashing please resolve my issue

Please fix this!

I honestly love this game - play it almost everyday. However, since the latest update, I can’t play ranked party with friends - we don’t even get a chance to enter the matchmaking altogether. Please fix this.


I had this game for a couple of months. Love the game but it’s to glitchy. I hate games that are glitchy, it gets me on my nerves. The glitches are that every time I hit someone in the leg or arm it never kills them, that gets me thinking does that lower your health? Does it glitch and kill them? Idk, I am rating this game a 4 star, but please fix the game. And I almost forgot the way that people in the game use the language, tell there profile name(s) for apps, known as Snapchat, I do have Snapchat but I only give to people that I know. There was a girl in the game who just did not stop asking me for my snap username I told her “I’m not tell you my snap username” they stopped asking but then kept after. When she told me her’s I left the game and looked her up on Snapchat. Of course I didn’t friend her, I wanted to know if that user was real, and it was. I was wondering if you can block usernames and bad words I know it’s for 17+ but who really follows those rules? Kid still get the game, and what happens if there parents see what there kid(s) are playing? They’ll get in trouble, just because of some person letting others curse on the game. I hate it also when people curse on games and try and look cool just to empress others. If I found that person in real life I’ll slap them across the face. So please again hashtag (#) all the bad words and when they say there usernames.

Cs: Go...

This game started off well, then it took a complete 180 and became everything we hate about Cs:Go. -bad hit boxes -terrible hp balance -micro transactions... Oh the micro transactions. I have not yet to have earned points to get weapons cases (in game currency) after beating challenges (might be purposely glitched. 1 star for me friends.

Great game, support issues

Idk if they even got to this, on my new iPhone x everything is messed up and unresponsive, hope they can scale or it doesn’t even need to use the whole screen

Awesome game

This is one of my favorite games but every time I open it, my iPad crashes. Just wanting to know if it’s my iPad that’s messed up or the game. Other than that 10/10

I️ would rate “Zero Stars” if I️ could.

This game was once a great game. i had left for a while and came back to P90 run and shoot. Same spray and pray SG scrubs. And the corner campers so I’m done. I won’t be returning any time soon.


You guys are crazy this game is legit you guys aren’t a pro like me

The next COD

Awesome game but it needs some balancing solutions. Players need to be informed that using headphones is the best way to play this game audio wise. Many have killed me just based off of sound. Also the Brewery map is unavailable to me for some reason. It doesn’t show up on the lists of maps for me. You also need a reporting system because people cyber bully others in this game and it’s annoying that they don’t get in trouble for it. I would like to see more weapons like hatchets or crossbows in this game and a lot more maps. Some advantages like faster reload, longer clips, and actual dashing instead of knife dashing. Plus cool things like scopes on machine guns and pistols need to be on there as well. Rocket launchers and other crazy weapons like that could make this game the next Call of Duty.


Add a minigun??? Please?

Just like counter strike love it

So addicting coop weapons nice skins but for the next update add the Karambit plzzzzzzzzzz it will make it better.

Too many glitches

Good game but some major glitches

No title

So u copied r6s

Here’s some wepons you should add

I love this game but can you please add these wepons or some of them Deagle Crowbar Molotov Butterfly knife And more skins for all guns and knifes And I just want to say this is the best game on my iPad and I can’t stop playing it You guys did not just make c ops you also made another game Called SWAT MISSION LITE (might be a little wrong) and Year’s ago I had it and I LOVED IT. But now I tried to get it back and I could not because you need to make an ubdate for it to work on my apple ubdate. Please make that happen I really want to see the game again.

Lag lag lag

it is too much laggy even in a good ping.when i started the game my ping is 60 but to much lagg occured why this is happening i dont know please fixed it otherwise the gamer will left from this game my cops name is headshoter juhan 8k plus kill death 6k plus plz fixed it




I’m happy with the new map but there’s a bug sometimes when u spawn next to the barrels in brewery it kill u but others than that great job

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