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The lag is just unbearable. I’ve tried putting it to the lowest graphics, but I feel like it does nothing. Whenever I get into a gunfight, the game lags so hard. It usually ends up in me dying.

It’s very addictive

This game is very entertaining if you’re u to games like cs:go


Too many people hack and that makes it not fair and even in rank people hack I HAVE SEEN SOMEONE FLY plz block the hacks Great game though.


I’ve only had this game for ONE day and I already love it. But they REALLY need to fix the lag on iOS.


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I love critical ops but there’s to much hackers


From lilquan23_YT

Hack is every fuxking where plz fix ASAP

Love the game

One of the best games out there work on the lag tho

Nice pvp Online Game

This game makes u fight people online from other states or countries. You can make a team with your friends and make a party with them. You can make a private server which can help you practice if your new. What I most like best is by how this game scoring board shows your ping (your internet) if your lagging or not. This game can make you improve on your aiming, intelligence (teaming & planning), etc. THIS GAME IS AWESOME YOU SHOULD PLAY RIGHT NOW!!!!

Too many hackers

I used to love this game. Just deleted it. Too many hackers and it ruins everything

Great game

Addicting and amazing. Good graphics high FPS.

umm the game

you just put out a new sniper thats trash, when you guys can literally be trying to prevent hackers but you guys just want to put out a new sniper instead, i was platinum in rank, i played two games of rank, the first one had two hackers, and the second had one, how is a regular person with no hacks whatsoever be able to win ! its impossible, so i went back down to gold.

Aim assist

This game is great and fun to play with decent graphics but I don’t like the aim assist. A lot of fire fights in this game just result in if this guy has aim assist or not. Aim assist does half the job for you and unlike sensitivity or aim acceleration which you actually still have to interact with the game to utilize the player does not have to do anything for the aim assist. I would just like it if everyone just had no aim assist or everyone had aim assist.

Some guns seem more powerful than there real counterparts

Personally I enjoy the game to a personal level But besides that I feel like the the snipers that you have in the game currently don’t seem accurate to their actual counterparts . For example : I’ll end up shoots someone in the foot and they die .. very frustrating when playing might just be me though ..

I miss the old Brewery

I Please bring back the old brewery map I miss it it was there when I first started the game it’s kind of nostalgic

Critical ops

This mobile game is one of the best I’ve played in years in gaming! It’s not the best but it is very good compared to the other games I have played. The graphics are neat, the gameplay is smooth, overall it’s Amazing!!!!!! I have to give it 5 stars. Thank you esports gaming for this mobile game and continue to keep making more.

Please read critical force

I have an idea that can make the game more fun, it would be cool to include a customize weapon selection mode where some weapons can banned from that server and others not. For example, if I wanted to have a much more enjoyable time ,I would make a lobby where only mr 96’s are allowed, or only uratios, get what I’m saying ;) ? Secondly , I think there should be a leaderboard for casual players can compete in pubs for topping other scores of other players, I think that would also add more to casual playing because there’s really not anything to play for in pubs than milestones or weekly challenges. Also plz add a practice mode with bots like CS has, there is such a major skill gap that players are just stuck in one level.


i wanna be able to choose a women character !

Sign in too google accounts

I wish their was a way to sign into your google account, but at this moment it’s impossible. Since i have everything in my google account, which i spend over 75 dollars.

Good game but one small problem

This game overall beats most FPS games and is really fun but the only problem is the lag. Most of the time the lag is so bad up to point where I can’t move or hear anything please fix this.

The game of hackers

Base of game is great but literally in every match there is at least one cheater that really makes the game unplayable! So you have two choices , delete the game or hack the game and be one of them!

It’s rlly fun

To play and easy, it stole my money once

This game

i s e s p o r t s r e a d y

Love this game!!!

Love the game super fun. Replaces CS_GO but this is on mobile. Also it’s great for making YouTube videos my channel practically lives off it. You can unlock great stuff like gun skins and complete challenges and get ranked.


I put my Game Center in but it doesn’t let me change my name please fix or change

Great game but wall Hackers everywhere please put in report system

Litterally almost every game I’ve been in, I and plenty of others would drop dead to a guy who’s on the other side of the wall you can’t even shoot threw. I even tried and can’t. This game is great but if your playing a rank math. Be prepared to lose your rank because guys go in the game and wall hack the hell out of you. I seriously just got of a game and within 3 of my guys drop dead to a guy on the other side of the wall with a P90 all at once. Don’t know how he knew we were there or even how he can shoot threw a wall and get 3 head shots off of guys who aren’t even close to each other but he did. There needs to be a report bitten or anti cheat system in this game cuz these hackers are ruining it for competitive people like me and others.

Great game but

The hackers are back how do you mess this up ? Everything was fine until the latest update after that hackers started showing up I’ve lost my diamond rank and got to silver because of hackers please fix the game before you decide to add new things

Needs one thing for being offline

I would like it if the game has a shooting area where the players can practice and master the recoil of every gun and if y’all can then y’all should put it where when a person is offline then the player can create a game and go against bots like other games because sometimes I just wanna learn some new places where I can throw my utility( Smokes, flashbangs etc) and make new plays and also go against bots that can help me/players have better reflexes(if that makes any sense) :^)

Too many hackers

Great gameplay overall but it’s too easy to hack (cheat using aimbot, walls, radar etc...) after you play ranked for so long it becomes extremely toxic at times I’d get hackers in 5-10 lobbies in a row and would totally defeat the purpose of playing the game at all so I ended up uninstalling the game for that reason alone if they figure out how to prevent hacking id love to play the game again but until then the game is way to toxic for me and I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone to play ranked on a serious level.


I was the leader of the clan but sharply the head of the clan turned out to be opa-111616058 then I flew out of the clan my nickname Saidamin Clan Tag [Said]


Ridicule game everyone can hack this game so easy

Map rotation

Is there any other playable map besides Division? Map rotation is terrible. Great game besides that P.S: Checked filters for matchmaking... all maps are checked off

Fix this F***ing game plz

This game has the most hackers I ever seen people doesn’t take damage they shot through walls FIX THIS F***ING GAME


Great game and all but the hackers in ranked matches are out of control. I can’t rank up anymore, every game has a hacker and it’s not satisfying to have better skills and still lose because of the hackers in the games. Plz help!!! ;(

Fix hackers

Hey c ops please fix hackers. This is just disgusting I will quit c ops if u do t fix it. Stupid game


The game is good Filled with hackers,lag,campers, and also terrible hit markers Also a completely toxic community in all my games atleast 3 people are being mean In ranked


THERE ARE SO MANY HACKERS IN RANKED AND IN CUSTOM GAMES. Critical Ops recently added a report system to discipline other players, but it’s a joke. The report system doesn’t do anything. Also, you guys got rid of banning. WHY???? I want to play a fair game without hackers and banning is how I get rid of them. Now most of the games I play are with hackers and I can’t do anything about it.

Best hands down

Seriously best shooting game

Too many hackers

I like this game more then others game but there is too many hacker in this game every time when I join the sever I meet up with hacker including(wall hackers,radar hack, fly hack, and etc)


Very Good game and i loved but hackers!!!!!!!!! plz update for kill All hackers


This is a really fun game but it is hard to find one game with out some one cussing or threading you. But besides that the game is pretty fun

I don’t work

I doesn’t let me download it

Critical Ops is super fun but major problem.

Critical Ops gets me away from the typical FPS on my PC and brings it to my mobile device. I absolutely love the gameplay but there’s one thing keeping me from rating 5 stars, the hackers and toxic community. I can’t even play a game of ranked without freaking out which ops player I’m going to get. The next round I’m against the player with obvious radar or wall hacks and throughout that game I know there’s no chance to beat the team. Honestly thinking of uninstalling and leaving to find some other game that cracks down on this issue more.

Fun but...

Fun game but too many hackers. Aimbot and Radar is way too common.

Hackers everywhere

Game is good but I stopped playing because there is hacker everywhere and they are doing nothing about it

Truly the only 5 star shooter. Feels like a console port

I rarely leave reviews but take it from a gamer this game is good. With full esports dedication, crispy frame rate and no pay to win aspect, critical ops deserves all the love and praise. Feels like a portable cs go. Also don’t trust the screen shots, the game looks great. Also the game has clans, a text chat function and no mandatory ads!!!!!!!

To developers

Yo hi developers pleased text me in my number bc u guys are so lazy on not fixing this new update I got some evidence on how I know you guys are lazy and won’t fix this report update so here’s my number (317)-525-6470 and I’ll show you the evidence I have for your game and if you guys don’t get it fixed by the next update I will sue your company because of not fixing it and please text and I’ll show you guys


I love the whole game but can you please add glove customization???


I love this game a lot I’m spec ops 24 iv been playing this game a lot but these days my FPS just keeps going down and the ranked server are trash and hackers everywhere please fix the FPS lag because my WiFi is working PERFECT and so is my ping but the FPS is bull crap.

Fun but.

Fun as long as you don’t run into the idiots I met. They legit froze the server and no one could move or die or exit to main. Can there PLEASE be a “Ban hacker” vote box and if 50% agrees that person gets kicked? September 2018 update: this hacker instakilled my entire team at the start of the round before anyone could even select weapons. COPS is—

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