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Great game without any bugs that I have

The game is a great FPS without a bug that I have happen to me. This might be different for other people but I think it’s amazing in gameplay and graphics!


I die in my first game so it’s bad


Why have I not received the new Raid map update ? I’ve seen gameplay and it’s been out for 3 days sooo... wut do I do?

Hackers and Crashing

This game has too many bugs and hackers and Crash! Crash! Crash! Update pls ... UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!! (iphone 6s plus)

New update

I used to really enjoy this game a lot but now with the new update I really don’t know what to do. All the quick matches only last for 2 minutes or less (yes even defuse for me) and every time I try to play ranked it won’t let me play. I’ve been waiting with looking for a match for over 15 minutes (yes 15 minutes I’m not exaggerating). All I can wish for now is that you fix this or at least bring back the normal defuse where it was fun trying and getting in the chat and having fun. Now it just seems like it became a free for all and every game takes more time loading for than actually playing in it.

Please read, tweaks needed

Dear Developers of Critical Ops, I have been playing your game fo a while now and I only have a few problems, if these can be fixed, the game will be perfect, or near it at least. First, the lag, (I have Ipad Mini 2), why is there so much of this and frame drop, it makes the gameplay unbearable. When I first got this game this was rarely a problem, now it invades every game I get into. Even if I turn graphics to minimum, below the automatic, nothing changes. Second, updates, while you do create new updates, I feel like nothing truly feels new to the game (except maps and patch notes). My suggestion is adding in new guns (like a deagle or a new shotgun), remodels of the gun appearances, new sounds for the weapons, and cosmetic appearances for your character like a gas mask, which do not take forever to unlock! Last but not least, the cosmetic system, the game has it where you need about two days to get enough currency for a single crate, I would be fine with this if the crates did not give mostly tier 1 crap. Either provide different tiered crates or be able to use the currency you buy crates with on all the gun skins. Also either lower price of crates or increase currency earned because stuff we are getting is not that good for it (tier 1 skins). Also, here is not a problem just a suggestion, add a shooting range and also a offline mode with different difficulties. This would allow players to play the game when they do not have access to good internet connection, they are experiencing horrible lag, or just want to practice. Thank you for reading, From a Critical Ops Fan

The lag you haven’t fixed

The lag it’s bad really the update is terrible you guys made nothing new all you did was make the x d better really update is terrible really bad like common you guys made me mad I was really lol I hate the new update 2stars plus I need a knife bro it cost way to much bro like2000 cost way to much y guys need to give us free knives and I’m a master and I don’t have a knife .,

Full of hackers cheaters and children

This game is filthy with hackers and cheaters. Even when the cheating isn’t present, the play style and hostility are through the roof. There’s no report features anywhere for cheating, hacking or griefing. People walk through walls and use aim bots like crazy. It’s full of racist names such as niggerslayer trumpsnigger and such. The gameplay itself is just real mediocre but the horrible matchmaking system and aforementioned issues make the game nearly unplayable. I’d rather play a game that’s actually a game, not an exercise in unchecked unabashed hacking.

Maps, Game Modes, (etc.)

I think that there should be more maps for defuse because it is kinda lacking. Also the game modes get kind of boring after a while. The currency should be easier to get as well. I thought you would be able to keep watching videos consistently but it has a certain limit. I get that you guys have to earn money somehow. You should make a DLC to get different guns. That would be pretty awesome. Please consider tweaking the game a little bit. 👍

Amazing, but...

So this game is AWESOME it has a fantastic variety of maps, and weapons. The gameplay is just amazing, but there are 3 things I would like Critical Force to change. 1) if you’re want to customize your controls you can move the shoot button, crouch button, etc. but you can’t move the mini map I want to be able to move the mini map cuz I use claw but I sometimes I tap the mini map and then I die which is super annoying. 2) improve the spawns, it is incredibly one of the most annoying things in critical ops cause I I always get back stabbed. 3) being able to spawn where most of my team is cuz obviously want to spawn with my team cause I want to win, but don’t spawn me in right in the middle of a gunfight, but behind my team or else if would not be fair cause you still have your invisible frames. So other than those things this game is great I would highly recommend this to people who come from CS:GO or other pc first person shooters, or just people who love shooter games.


Great game! I would like the ability to upgrade the guns! Laser, scopes, red dot sights. Also, if you pickup a skin it goes in your collection.

Love It

This game is really good


This game has gone through numerous changes! I love it so much! Ranked is really fun. They should add more maps and bring back the old brewery map!

Good and bad

It’s a good addictive game fun but the worst thing is lag their is FPS drop and lag back and long to high servers are trash, if you have an iPad 2017 or 2018 no lag but if you play on phones super lag!

Amazing game

The game is awesome in many types of ways but can you allow profile pictures for example”in the main menu where it shows the character next to our name we would be able to put a picture that represents us”

Trade Gun Skins

I’m hoping that on one of the next updates we can have a thing to where we can trade gun skins.

So much potential

This game is great but it’s filled to the brim with hackers and the last there hasn’t been any updates that have made the game better or more exiting. It’ll start to get boring because there not giving us anything new. All they really do is push out a new map where all anyone will do is camp and exploit the map, that is if there are any full servers because this game is practically dead. This game use to be great but the devs got lazy and greedy. It’s such a shame to have this much potential be thrown away.


i’ve loves this game but the new update made the servers so glitchy and laggy for me and all my friends. we won’t be playing until there’s an update fixing the lag. frustrated

5 star game!

This game is great for people looking for an fps game. It has good characteristics and great gameplay! It has excellent features. Select from an arsenal of weapons!! It also has unique skins for the guns you can use!

It doesn’t work anymore

I have a 6 and this game would run great now....not so much it’s runs horribly like 7 fps

The game is great but

I fave massive framedrops on iphone 6 64gb and more than enough free space.its drops to low than 20 and keeps fluctuating and makes the game unplayable

Fix snipers and health

This game is amazing but you need to fix the health since it’s random which means you shoot a guy like nine times and still alive and snipers shots don’t line up with aim and fire cause I I’ve shot many shots perfectly aimed but don’t count as a shot plz fix these things

Bad Game Needs lots of work

First of all this game is a very good app game along with it being online But here are a few problems. the gsr1911 can instantly kill u with a headshot even though it has a suppressor. Also the ak47 is way too fast and strong and the recoil is not bad at all. Also the network is a big problem because if someone has McDonald’s WiFi it breaks the server and makes u teleport around making it easy for others to kill you.

Needs update

First you need to be able to upgrade weapons and skins and melees and add more customizable skins to were you can creat your own skin, second you need better maps that are like call of duty maps like breach and NUKETOWN ☢️, third you need to be able to forge weapons and disassemble weapons for parts and be able to add things on the guns, fourth you need to work on the ranked defuse. Why? Because it is only a defuse game! You need capture the flag, hardpoint, free for all, team death match, gun game that starts with hand to hand combat and keeps going up, defending point a and b, and other types of modes, lastly you need to have armor and better skins and better guns and need to add more guns like scar, deagle, glock 18, pp bizon, and other guns, and also you especially need more knives and better paint for knives.

tHiS gAmEs doDo



The game is great! But what about the lag? Every time I see a enemy I get killed because the lag. And because of that my kd ratio went down. Please fix this.


This game is fantastic and I love almost everything about it, on thing I don't like about this games the lag, I have good ping yet I still find my character delaying movement ask see the joystick retract in to its middle, my side TK side gun movement delays and I stay in position and die, you need to fix the servers as my screen shakes a little, the last thing I don't like is the aim assist, I really want it removed for a proper skill gap but you probably not, just make make aim assist less effective because people casual should have that much power with it as I try 0 AA, please 100 AA like 75 to 80 AA to bring a proper skill gap o higher,this is my opinion. Thank you :)

Laggy on iP6+ ,add support for iPX - unplayable on that phone.

Extremely laggy on iPhone 6 Plus, frames constantly drop from 1 to 59, very annoying. And also, please add iPhone X support please. Thank you.

Please fix


No aim

All of the good games have it to the point in which you can aim

Lots of hackers!

It’s really not worth it and useless to play this game. Bunch of hackers and this problem has never been fixed. Tired playing it. Really tired.

Great game it’s just credits :c

This game is very very good and well made I’m addicted even though I’m not the best I just wish it was easier to get credit because when you finish milestones or daily challenges you usually only get 20 or 30 c so I wish you could make it so you get 10 or 5 c when you win but other than that this is a great well made game. C: 👍

Good at main things

The game is a great mobile version of cs go but when it comes to ranking up it could take too long the game id a great size for what the graphics can be

Great game but...

It’s the best game I’ve ever played, thank you Critical Force. But pls fix the rubberband, and that thing that happens when servers are down; it says “check connection” and then after that I have to log in again, you know it is hard when I forget my password, also unban me from C-OPS discord ;-; my user name is ahkn. Hehe lol

Skilled game

What i really love about this game is that u have to be skilled which makes the game more fun

Penalty leaver

One day is to much time just for leaving a ranked game plz fix this

👍👍 but I got banned

Plz unban me someone log in my account and ban me plz help my username is Hamidevil

Great Game

It’s a great game besides for the constant lag on North America servers also thanks for the MP5 skin:)

Great game

This game is excellent. The nice thing is you don’t have to continually spend money to upgrade weapons, they just work. Also this game has a nice selection of maps, great multiplayer action, and a lot of fun.

From critical-ops fan

This game so cool. But there still some hacker shoot through walls,can u fix that ?

0.9.18 update ruined the fun

The only problem with this update is because if the rubber banding and lag hope you guys fix it.

C ops

This is easily the best mobile fps game, but after this update my game constantly crashes and if I can join a game it is super laggy then crashes please fix this

people lie

there is a bunch of reviews saying that the game lags a lot i have a iphone se and my frames per second (top right) is set at 60 and stays between 55 to 60. there was one review saying that they set it at 30 and it would drop to 15 or 20 which is bad. it’s not the game developers fault if your fps is dropping low it’s your internet not the games fault your fault

Best Game!

Copy The Text Below And Translate To English if you don’t Understand. Got It? Ang larong ito ay Amazing! Aking pagmamahal CS:GO kaya alam ko na kailangan ko upang i-play ang mga ito! Aking pamangkin ay iminungkahi sa akin upang i-play ang mga ito at kapag naglaro muna ako dito, hindi ko mapigilan! Mangyaring magpatuloy sa mga astig na mga update at patayin ang napopoot!

To short

Can you extend the game time or let the servers go on like to another game instead of taking u back to the loading screen, like how it was before please.


Bro it’s awesome game but the headshot mechanic is some crazy stuff and shotguns are broken you shoot and hit first a it never kills and I can complain because I’m spec ops 31


Keeps Crashing but when it works it's fun


Happy 1k reviews love this game just you guys killed the FPS for

1000th Review

Sorry but I like this game, it’s kinda laggy for no reason at all, and this seems to be only the case on iOS so maybe you could make it so the servers are less laggy for iOS users. Or maybe you could choose witch servers you’re playing on because I entered a room and it was all Asian people. It’s like that every time I play and I would like it so there were North American servers, Asian server etc. Also you can’t accept people on the friends list that are not using the same system as you (iOS or Andriod)


Give me my 40 dollars back you idiots

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