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Varieties Of Characters

It’s by far the best online game, with guns ofcoarse, Gun designs, clans, chat rooms, different varieties of rooms, and parties. My reasoning for rating the App 4 Star is because all the characters look the same, I’m a female player who is kind of addictive to this game and wish that this app have varieties of character selections. So far I love this app! My username is savreauna. Including my IG name. Add me ☺️

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Es cool

wow 2 thumbs up

if you like counter strike this is the closest thing you’re going to come across. epic mobile game.

Major Server Bug

I’m a cellular data player and for 2 maybe 3 weeks I haven’t been able to connect to a United States server. I’m a US-1 player and the only servers I can connect to are in other countries. Please fix this bug. I love the game you have made and can’t enjoy it because of this.

It’s OK

I’ve had better but it’s not the worst

Amazing game one thing

This game is amazing in every way but the premium cases being 70 credits? Please it should be more like 400 because all your doing is doubling your chances for the tier 3, 4 and 5

Great game

The only problem I have with this game is the ranked matchmaking takes way to long some times and when you do get into a game you always have those 1-3 people who don’t accept and it goes back to match making. One ranked game I played my whole team went afk and I had to play the game by myself so I really think something about ranked should be done, but overall great game I love the map brewery accept the couple of glitchy spots that kill you out of no where and give more missions to people so we can all get more coins maybe like 3 missions everyday. Add on: the game has had many more improvements since I last wrote this. Brewery has now been made a whole more better i just think that bureau should have more added on to it. I also think there should be a practice mode for when u go through dead spots traveling and you really don’t want to socialize with other ppl you just wanna bury your face in ur screen and kill ppl. Ok back to offline practice it would help ppl work on sniping one taps better pistol work etc without affecting their KDR but still playing on their online profiles critical force could add the offline practice in the opening screen when it says you have no connection I have been wanting to add this and hope it will come soon. I also hope if they did add it they would let u pick between TDM Defuse and gun game. Another thing that could be added is better region control because I wanna be put in my right region where I don’t lag. And better region match on rank definitely.

Probably best FPS game

I have become a beta tester on my google play store account, yet this game is perfect and works lot better than other games. Has some lags tho but still professional experience.

Its Ok... but ranked isnt

Im a spec ops 44 player that actually works to be good at this game. Its kinda annoying staying spec 44 because I always get matched up against and hacker who claims they dont hack (kinda obvious when u get prefired every corner by a p90 😑) But i think that nothing should be added until the things that need to be fixed are fixed. Its becoming unenjoyable and annoying. Also the guns dont seem to be balanced in the game. Some weapons are way too strong in my opinion (not to noobs because they feel pro with a p90) Like whats the point of practicing ur recoil control when u dont need it for the aug or the p90. Critical Force ik you guys are smart. Please just fix whats wrong already because i love this game and i REALLY dont want it to die. Thanks -Cameron Jackson

The best game

Unlike most shooting games, you do not need to buy guns. You can use whatever gun you want whenever you want.


Really want more guns in this game, and more maps like MW3 maps


They keep hacking and come out of nowhere and my map did not she them

This Game Has Two Problems

I have already written a review for this game, and I plan on writing a newer, more updated one, but I want to point out and warn people about two major flaws. First, you may encounter some pretty bad hackers, especially in ranked. Moderators ban many hackers already, but the game needs a stronger anti-cheat, and a report button for manual review. This button should also serve for reporting people who abuse glitches. Now the next thing tied in with my previous point, there needs to be a report button for toxicity, and other offenses in the in-game chat. The game has a built in censoring system for certain words like swear words, however, certain people can say homophobic or racist slurs to other players and receive no punishments. I believe that there should be a report button in-game for all of these offenses. With all that being said, this game has a lot of great community members who will help you orient yourself with the game, and improve at the game. In conclusion, I believe there should be a report button, a better anti-cheat, and harsher punishments for homophobic and racial slurs.

This game is amazing


Awesome game!!!

This game is awesome and can you add a desert eagle pistol.?


It’s so fun to play controls are easy the game is balanced and it’s strategy. It’s all around amazing #COps4Life<3


For the past few weeks I have been getting major lag and it is not my internet.You guys need an update soon.😡😡😡


I can’t earn enough credits.

Really Cool and some problems

This game is really good but the running is really slow and it is sometimes unfair when like I shoot someone more and the other shoots me a little and I die and this game made me mad but it’s cool.

Great but 1 Thing

This game is overall good. But the game developers should put a little less time into improving the game and more into the anti cheat and anti smurf concept. I thing that moderators being able to ban hackers was a great edition and even if the hacker was proven to be innocent they can get their account back. Also, smurfs(people of higher ranks making new accounts in lower ranks) should not be tolerated. Also, when being placed in a ranked match, instead of placing people with people of the same rank only, kill death ratio should be considered. And when a game ends and your team loses with having afk users, the people on the losing team should not lose any rank up points(except for the afk people). As well, if your team loses but you were one of the top two players you should also not lose. The same should go if there were hackers on the other team, then both teams points aren’t affected. I hope you will take this comment under consideration.

Aim down on sights

Aim down on sights


This is an amazing game overall! The guns are more or less balanced with each gun having a different aspect, like one shotgun being semi auto and the other being a pump action. The sniper rifles are overused though and it’s no fun when you turn a corner and get instakilled by a uratio. The game needs more weapons in my opinion. Guns like an m60 or other light machine guns. The other guns need bigger ammo reserves so you don’t have only 3 full clips before you are out of ammo.

Logging in bug

I like the game so much but when I try to open the game it doesn’t work and can you guys fix that. Bye

Unfair Ranking

Every time I play on rank I see four Platinum players against me! Plus I’m Silver! The ranking system is unfair I dropped a rank 100 times already! People with Platinum friends will rank up faster than others. Can you please fix this boi!

Too long

It takes way to long to get any type of skin and the 5 seconds of waiting after getting killed makes it slow and boring action. Also add more animation to the gun and more realistic they just look dark blue and lame.

Needs a hacker proof system some how

My biggest problem with this game is hackers like any other they ruin experiences so c-ops tech team please make a auto banning system. Also please research the different ways u can hack and stop it, this is called common sense work hard and doing your work and get what u want out of it. Money will come but if u don’t do something to benefits others and you then well most people on this earth are already punching their ticket to hell. Overall this game is great.


I put my thing in high graphics and I was getting a handful of lag. Then I put everything on low. U know what happens?? I get more FUnKIN LAG PLZ FIX THIS

It’s ok

I have been playing and I have noticed that I don’t get any gold coins or blue coins so can someone help me out

Its good game!

You should add desert eagle in pistols!!!!

Please fix (new)

It’s not appearing on my IPad but it says it’s downloaded please help


Why is mine so glitchy I can’t even shoot because it pause every 2 seconds please fix


I lovvveee this game but I think you guys should make it to we’re u can talk to your team mates with like headphones or something

I like this game but...

Can you please put a microphone in this game I will appreciate it a lot,thanks.



Amazing 9/10

Just a little new gamemodes, guns and make more way to get points.


Game is amazing but the lag is unbearable. Even called my internet provider to see if it was the internet. Nope. I lag for 10-20 seconds after getting killed, wandering around almost like a spectator, not able to shoot, then all of a sudden I’m back only for it to continuously happen.


I’m so confused on how to earn credits and it said I got to get credits by via game pass or buy trying to change my name too but it said I need buy it..plz make an easier way to getting your name changed and earning credits plzzzz😣😣

Bring back Brewery

Bring back the old Brewery. This game is fun but lags from time to time. I stopped playing and might delete it now because I loved the Brewery map. If they reapply that, i’ll start playing again

Bug after the update

After the update my game has been acting strange like moving on it’s on and lagging way to much for it to be playable please fix this but until you do I’m not playing it and I’m also not able to move at all

Amazing Game!

It's more fast pace, easy controls, and just Very Fun. They are always fixing and updating the game to make it better. Amazing game!

We need more cash

For a beginner play I’ve notice that you can’t get money that fast what push’s is to buy in-game currency, but I assume that’s what you want but please allow us to get money another way or make task easier and add more money cause honestly I’m broke AF and only have one skin and pretty much everyone else and one thing y’all need to nerf the AK-47 and buff the sub-Machine guna


Why the game is lagging always???

Daily rewards

Instead of always having to earn the rewards, why don’t you make so we have daily rewards for free. If you play enough days you could even get a case!

Weapon cases and credits

So expansive for weapon cases and for premium so expensive. Daily mission so little credits to collect

Add infected mode

Creators you need to add infected mode


This game is alsome you can defuse,dethmatch,and now you can do a gun game this is the best game ever


This is honestly the best and smoothest shooter game I’ve found on the App Store. The game could be a lot better though, you should add more game modes like capture the flag and free for all. Also more maps would be nice, but overall great game. Nice job devs


This game has gotten less addicting than it was...idk if it’s just me’s not that addicting anymore:/

Fun but expensive

This game is very very fun, I love watching you tubers troll and play and I love how you guys come up with the the no money to win. But, could you increase the missions or something because it takes me 3 days just to get a standard case, watching ads to increase my prize for my 1 mission a day and watching daily ads. Plz and thanks

Great game

Everything is great controls are easy, few things though reduce the damage of the p90 it is oddly large for a SMG, and the accuracy of the Ak-47 which is weirdly able to snipe me from 100 meters or so.

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