Critical Ops App Reviews

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Stronger Anti Hack

I would rate a 5 star but the developers need to mainly focus on the important stuff such as Hackers,Lags,Glitches And MOSTLY Hackers

New Update

This is a 5 star game but this new update is messing up game play. The weapon switch menu keeps getting glitch stuck on the screen and I can’t change weapons, jump, shoot, or crouch, and I can’t even change my setting to at least move the shoot button. It’s really annoying and gets me killed. Other than that the game is great. Fix this glitch please like today!

Good game

I play cs alot and when im on the go and cant play its fun af tbh, rather play this than most, you can actually get used to the controls and become good with the pad,but yea and cases are good too they have pretty sweet skins and the odds of getting sweet skins are pretty good, I thought my first skin was cool and then i got a knife, overall good game for phone

Great but...

Love this game but its missing a few things. Id like there to be more maps and the movement of the game feels very basic. Perhaps if the movement was a bit more similar to csgo then the game would be much better. Also when being shot your are raggdolled all over the place leaving you unable to move at all.

I can’t update my game

One day I decided to play and it said version out of date. I went to go and click to update it and when I got to the App Store it didn’t show any update. It does say the new update but it has no update button

#17 adventure?! This is wrong

This shame is fun, but I think there should be less... O.P. guns. Also, not your fault, but Apple should make this (at the latest) one of the top 5 action and adventure games. Right?


When I'm in comp my teammates don't really talk and do call outs. IF POSSIBLE I would like it if u added voice chat


PLEASEEE create more maps playing at the same ones get boring. Awesome game though

Good, but has very small glitches sometimes

The game is fun. Bottom line. It is very fun. Yet 1 out 5 Times I get on, little glitches happen. Typically last 1-3 minutes.

Great Game!!!!!!

This game is ausome but there are a lot of hackers

Nice but....

But have you ever thought of putting in a zombies mode?

Da best solution

Love this game. My Xbox live ran out and this is the perfect solution

Tile make a game mode to trade

We won’t to trade guns for skins or knifes or better COOLER KNIFES!!!


It is definitely the best mobile fps game ever, I’ve been playing it for a year now and it still the best over the best , good job devs , I wish I could spend some money on this , HAVE FUN EVERYONE

It’s awesome

It’s a great app and has great content all I’m really asking for is another map but other than that awesome game👍🏽

Best gam

Not pay to win and free Play

perfect game

great game but it doesn't have many maps

I love your game

I love your game likee I’m good but got 1 question how do we get coins to get weapon skins and change your names I know with coins but I don’t know how to get the coins :) please reply me

Lots of lag but a really great game it's like cs:go but on mobile

I like it there are hackers but barely any of them you can play with your friends




Similar to call of duty. Love it.

Best game hands down

Best game, it’s literally csgo and the ranked is good cause players are good... casual is booty tho


Every time I play I accidentally click on the bottom of the screen and my gun wheel keeps getting stuck and when it does I can’t shoot and I can only move, I can’t even trade weapons or anything wtfff


Best game ever 🔥

The best but needs more maps

It’s really good but Sometimes I get kinda bored with the maps please make more

Best game but one suggestion

This is the best shooting game I have ever played but I just have one suggestion if I or we could drive cars

Needs more content

I love this game a lot, but I feel it hasn't met it's full potential. You need to add more weapons and maybe make a option to customize your character?

Plz actually make it non hack or cheat plz

I am tired of people in ranked killing using wall hacks and radar

CSGO mobile

That's it literally what the title says

5 star

It's a great game absolutely top and i haven't seen any hackers for a month. Only thing needed is a new game mode gun game or conquest from bullet force

It’s awesome

But I wish I could aim with pistols, and other guns to instead of just sniper

Really good

It’s a really good game but I wish that they would add more guns like maybe a deagle for instance


You should make a new map


All map are good but need new map bored of playing in this maps

Love it ! I feel like a soldier playing this game.

This game is awesome! This is a type of game you should play when you want your blood rushing (not in a bad way). (M-14 OP)The different guns and play style with each random person will always give a different experience. I also like the variety of skin that you can get by opening crates but the crates are expensive I had to do many daily missions to randomly get skins but it's worth it . (I just wish one crate only cost 100 points and there were more daily missions) Anyway it's an great game I love shooting noobs and making friends online. Try it out you won't regret it.(: PS (The controls are customizable.)

Clan Vs Clan

Make Clan VS Clan matches to determine best Clan in the game!!!!

The game.

This game gave me light 💡 I love it that’s why I gave a five star rating but..... the lag sometimes bothers me but keep up the good work add some new game modes and I give you guys a thumbs up 👍

Needs more guns

This game is great but I would like a larger selection of guns. I recommend the CZ Scorpion and Kriss Vector.

Love the app

This is the best fps shooter on mobile I love the updates with most of the hackers gone it's rare really anymore that I run into any. Great job C-OPS developers


Please add heavy machine guns! This game is the best fps in the whole app store right now!

Best game ever

Been playing this game for over year now.. and i swear i can not get over this game... Every update makes it better everytime


I've played most fps games available and I must say this one is the most enjoyable. From the maps to the consistency it is definitely the most fun shooter game on mobile

Great Game!!!!

I love this game. It's really awesome and it's always a fair playing field do to the fact that it's skill based. I also like where the developers are going with this game. Not only do they regularly update their anti hacking systems but they also do a very good job with making sure that the game stays fun for everyone. It's so exciting to go through the the game, do daily missions and earn new gun skins. Critical Ops is also great because it's one of the games that Mobile Esports holds tournaments for. These are also very fun. So far the only issues I've noticed with the game is the lag sometimes and the friends limit. You can only have a specific amount of friends and in my opinion they don't give enough friend spots. Get this game. I don't think you'll regret it.

fun game!

this is a really fun game only thing i would say is add a couple new platform stages and the anti-cheat system is great add for those who try to use hacks, mods or bots..


Just add hostage scenario missions in the future

New weapons please

Please add a deagle and more suppressed weapons


Best game ever i ever played and thank u developers who made this game and had such a fun and exciting experience

Great game

its a great game and i love to play it its a very addicting game and it could be even better if it added a singleplayer mode where you play against bots so you could practice or just have fun.


Best game ever just wish their was new guns and maps👍🏻👍🏻

Good game but

It’s really good and gives that counter strike feeling very well but lags way too much please fix this and I will give 5*

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