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Iphone X

Please optimize it for Iphone X its so hard to play it on the X and I love this game!

Critical ops


iPhone X

Controls are terrible, every time you want to switch guns it automatically takes you to the phone’s home screen, and the display isn’t even suited for the new retina

Don’t get it

It’s bad just play on console or PC or get Bullet Force or Modern Conbat on your phone not this trash.

GREAT!! But could get improvements.

Okay, so first of all. When I was playing a rank match I legit was kicked out, so I then went to another rank game and I won 7-0. But guess what? I lost TWO bubbles. This is really something you should really fix, it was great but needs improvements.


This is easily the best mobile fps game, but after this update my game constantly crashes and if I can join a game it is super laggy then crashes please fix this

GREAT Game! but...

I have no complaints about anything. But, I was wondering if you guys could add a map of a town, or something. Maybe. Battlefield? Just a map that’s mostly outside.

Best game ever but need some stuff

This game is literally better than csgo but I want like more guns like the good old awp Intervention Remington 700 sniper rifle and g36c ummm m16 scar dragonov and like a story with cutscenes and different tasks like first finish basic training and then after that some cutscenes play and then some gun game um defuse and at the end it’s like a very serious mission with a map not in the game

Not a fun game

This game was fun until it wouldn’t let me shoot. All it does is let me watch other people play it is so annoying. I advise everyone NOT TO GET IT. waste of space if you ask me.


I play on iPhone 6 an FPS are had even on low plz fix


Add in game voice otherwise this is one of best games I’ve played on my phone.


I would give it 5 star but there’s some bugs that I want the creators to change or fix. I sometimes shoot a player and can see how the bullets travel to him , but somehow it doesn’t kill him because he kills me first with a head shot.

The Best💯

I’ve been playing this game for about four years now and honestly it’s the best fps out there, At least in my opinion, I love the skins and community even though some are toxic lil beings. Add me tho : lilBabyGirl


No problems but can there be a final killcam


The game is great but my FPS always goes down idk why but I’m on a iPhone 6 and when I tired it on a iPhone 5c(old iPhone) it works fine but lags on my iPhone 6.

Camps and longer invincibility

Sooo this game is awesome greatest game I’ve played but creators you’ve got to fix this servers are filling in with campers they go to your spawn and shoot you even inexperienced players will feel mad and sad if you could do something to help that it would be great. Now the other thing I’ve noticed that terrorist only get 2 seconds of spawn invincibility and counter gets 5 seconds of it, it makes it harder to kill them also god for spawn campers to make use of it - from a great fan and player


I like this game a lot and I play it often but will u please add new ways to earn credits.And will u plz add grenades to critical ops mobile?

Prob just me

Gotta say Imma huge CS:GO fan love it on my pc. Have to give the game props tho. Guns are prty balanced and the controls can b fit 2 my adjustment also love the maps and all the unique skins I can find 4 my guns. But there’s just one issue... LAG!!! I dunno if it’s just me but I’m running off a iPhone 6 S Plus (my parents have better phones then me). Wit a prty gud internet connection. Thus me giving thy game a 4 star butt I dunno maybe it’s just me. sincerely your loved gamer BigDaddyD

Rly fun

Best game ever

Update please

The game needs some solo fights and less expensive stuff

New Updates r trash

Doesnt even change anything. My phone run even more garbage now

It’s awesome

Just try to put more modes like 1v1 and stuff like that so would you mind 🤔 of new modes

Decent game

First thing that really bugs me is the button layout and the second thing that bugs me is that half my shots don’t register but I guess that should be expected since it’s a mobile game and games like rainbow six siege which have been out for years have horrible hit detection if your going to “take inspiration” from rainbow six and CS:GO then at least take CS:GO’s hit detection for example

Best game

Best game ;)

Was good at first

Way to much lag now after these past few updates i can’t even play normally anymore 2/5


Way to laggy

it’s getting really boring

I stop playing the game a long time ago it’s getting new weapons, and I use to rate this 5 but it’s going downhill.i really am a 50% 50% about recommending this idk anymore.they only add new maps and new weapon weapons and I will rate this 5 stars and recommend it to everyone I know I’m for real serious

Can’t login to my old account

I recently went on critical ops and I got a confirm login page (I previously logged in on Facebook) I tried to login in Facebook so I can get my account but it kept telling me a login failure and I can’t do anything about it. I really want my old account back and is there anyway I can get it back?


To be a hundred percent honest this is a really fun and fair game for the most part but they could really use some new guns maybe grab some from csgo as they already have and renamed them so yea new Guns would be nice


Just a suggestion but I would like to see the option to sell skins for guns in exchange for blue credits. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this but having a high tear skin for a gun and an extremely low one seems very wasteful. Having the option to sell extra skins would be awesome.

Great game

This is the best game every within every game, but they messed up the rag doll... and I really want them to put the famous f1 in the game because it’s my fav gun ever

Best game ever

Omg please make the case opening price lower

More weapons

Can you add the m249 saw and the tommy gun please and can you also add the galil

Make a new map

İn new update make a plaza like dust2 in cs:go please. Because l like dust2 and again please do it and love from turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Pay attention

I have 1-30fps on LOWEST! GRAPHICS! And make stuff that we want


This game is so awesome you dont have to buy guns its all free

I think it’s great, but needs more updates

I think the game has to have more updates on like more guns or just like new skins for like the holiday it is. I love this game but I would like some like new gun skins or different knife skins. If you are reading this then...Hello.

cambiar armas

intenten cambiar donde se cambia arma por que en el nuevo phone x es dificil por que al cambiar arma se sale una de la app y es muy dificil cambiar en situaciones de combate


This game should be #1 because this is the best game I have ever played

Good, but

This game is good from visuals to gameplay, but one problem I have is acquiring skins. It costs 200 credits to get a box to get them, but it takes a long time to get 200 creds. You can get credits from milestones and daily challenges or buy them and watch an ad, but it just takes so long to get them. Can you make it so you can get them more easily? Well not too easy. Other than that it is a great game nonetheless!

Great game but listen to the players

I absolutely love this game but you need to fix the lag. Every player is literally lagging, even if they are on one of the best phones. Whenever I go into a lobby, even empty ones, I lag! Every player is complaining about the lag and only players are doing anything about it by helping others with videos to not lag. If you see this, I hope you listen to me.

Deleted game content

I love this game but with the new update I lost all of my skins my KD ratio and all of my earned credits. And I am livid because I have made purchases that are now gone.

Recent Hotfix

This is a Great game but could have been better. Your recent “Hotfix” is not so good, I used to be able to play with minor lag and never disconnect from a game cause a internet speeds. Now when I get into a match I can play for 1 minute then be disconnected, killed in game and have players freeze but I get killed by other enemies. It’s not my internet, I’m not poor. Fix it Dev Team. Also implement a report button seriously, There’s too many hackers and Moderaters don’t do their job well enough.

iPhone X

They took iPhone X support away 👎🏽👇🏽😠

This game is dead

The game was full of life when it first came out. It was fresh fun and something I would stay up at night to play. Then at some point when ESports rolled around it dropped the ball. They changed gun play, recoil, aiming mechanics, and more importantly servers. The thing that hit me hard was how much the servers changed on what was seemingly over night. I’m not one of the people that just picked it up and was bad. I spent 300 hundred dollars on it. B-Nates, Para_Digm, iChase, and many others got me into this game. I was around when they found the first hacker but that’s beside the point. Servers had changed making nearly impossible not to get into UK, Asian, and South American servers. I lagged every match I got into. Then the hacker phase came with every lobby having hackers. This has been fixed for the most part but I run into the occasional hacker. I was able to adapt to that. But then came the nerfs to guns such as AK-47, M4, and the MP5 and 7. They made recoil so unpredictable, so jumpy, and bullets curved. I adapted to that. The only thing I couldn’t adapt to was how the devs started to care only about money and ESports. That was the end of the game for a lot of players YouTubers and many more. I was one of them and that’s all I have to say.

Really just really

So my friend recommended this game to me and I thought hey it’s kinda like csgo. When I open it it says something about connection and I could play it. I managed to get in but it was just way to laggy. I don’t know if this is a bug or something but please.


I ask of you developers of this game I love it so much but it’s just too hard to get money if you can increase the money amount just a bit more when you achieve a mission. That’s all for my review hope the game gets better 👍🏻

I stopped playing

I stopped playing this game because of two reasons 1. Hackers and aim bot 2. The lag. That’s all I recommend Downloading PUBG It’s a great game. No lag, no hackers, no aim bot it’s amazing 😌😁


I used to play it, but my parents deleted it because it said 17 plus. I think the content should be 13+, it’s not bad and doesn’t have bad content, so please change it to 13+


This game is a cheap game. No ads which I appreciate a lot! But it lags like hell. You will be rubber banded and kick from games at least once a game. I rate 1 Star which is very much deserved. The currency is so hard to earn and the community is very toxic. Don’t get this game!

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