Critical Ops アプリのレビュー

Major fixes needed

Game needs some SERIOUS work on optimization, and servers. I get 40- fps at times on my iphone 6s at LOWEST SETTINGS, note that around 9 months ago, my phone was able to handle this game at ultra settings without fps drops. Now onto the server issues. The servers are absolute trash, 18 ping is basically 100 with people appearing to shoot through or even walk through walls, if all of this was fixed than the game would be amazing.




You fight against pro,noobs, and hackers need to but noobs with noobs pros with pros


Great game like the new things that they added hope they make the game better

Nock off mobile cs-go but still really fun👍👍

It is a great game and it has a lot of thing to do

Sniper Mini Game NEEDED

Amazing game it has everything I want except for one SNIPER MINI GAME. It would be cool to have sniper only rounds instead of having pistols and assault rifles all the time. I think snipers should have its own mini game.


Extra critical pass experience for winning a gun game? Otherwise there is no incentive to play gun game over deathmatch. Other than that, love the battle pass concept!


The game is cool, but there are many hackers, lags. Glitches, and a bunch of other crap

New update is killing my FPS

The game is amazing I love it. been playing for a long time. But, this latest update killed my game and went from getting 55-60 FPS at all times to getting 30-40 FPS. Please fix..

I would like a mic

I would like a mic on phone that will be cool I would love this game shh hope my does not know ok shhhhhhh ok game plsss let mic ok

Luv it

I live the graphic the style and the gameplay keep up the good work although can y’all the creators/developers add more guns it will really help but anyways amazing game

Best FPS

This game is awesome, I love all the sick skins you can get and I like that you don't have to always pay to get them. The new critical pass is another awesome feature. And with their resent update there's been a lot less hackers which makes it more fun for everyone again!!


You guys should really put in a voice chat and when you switch weapons you shouldn’t have to load it but overall I like this game a lot

Game modes for special occasions

Michael Myers for Halloween, the maps are all dark and you have flashlights, Michael Myers is only visible in the reach of the light And he has to get close to knife the survivors, one survivor has a gun and when killed the gun is dropped. Idk just make some new game modes would be ciol

Great game

God game

Best game ever

Great game I love how it’s FPS and it’s like cargo but mobile but one thing I bought the 9.99 dollar pack and it didn’t give me my credits so if you could do that it would help cause I want elite (ops-110261118 is my name) thanks if you help me and keep improving your game because it’s it a not good but awesome game so keep improving

The Free Pass should let you save up for the better one

They ruined a little bit of the game for me with the pass because of how impossible it is to get it unless you buy currency. There should be a free pass letting you be able to get the elite or daily challenges that give you plenty tokens or coins, whatever you want to call them. I love sniping and I think this game is really good for it. But they made the sights aim slower but it’s a little more accurate. I thought it was better before where the sights would aim faster but also decreasing accuracy when shooting fast. Talking about sniping, there should be a secondary weapon where you can actually fight up close ,maybe like a really weak smg, where it is balanced. Another suggestion is adding different modes like capture the flag and secure the area. And also adding perks and abilities each specific character can have. I hope that the developers read this and take this into consideration because this is one of the funnest games I have.

You waist my time on surveys

I went in an attempt to do a survey yet you have not yet given me what I have earned.


This game meets every expectation from me! But there is a bug that bothers me. There is a glitch or bug I noticed, I was playing ranked with my friend and for some reason mid game, we were kicked out of the match. I thought nothing of this until Later I noticed my rank kd went down because of this. Please Fix this.

Sell skins

It’s rlly great game i love fun and challenging but I was thinking u could let us sell skins if we don’t want them for credits it would be rlly great if u could


Ok this games alright but it’s really pissing me off every time I buy something and don’t get anything back. I bought a 10 dollar price once and didnt get any tokens. I give 3 star unless I get the credits I asked and bought for or refunds no five stars though it’s a good game except for the purchase for me or anyone else’s.

Huge game best fps for mobile


Great game but...

This game is so good I’m not gonna name the things it’s done well because that’s almost the whole game so I’ll name what’s bad, the lag for me is so bad I can’t play but it’s mostly my WiFi but connection of the game could be improved, second is hackers, I’ve played 11 ranked games total and in every single game I’m either on a hackers team or playing against a hacker, only in one ranked match were there no hackers, third is weapon balance, the ak requires you to stand still in order to shoot someone unless your 5 feet away but that’s just an example, fourth is the prices of the crates, I know this game is free to play so this game needs money but it’s getting to a point we’re even when you do spend money it doesn’t feel like you get much, but as I can see from the battle pass thing and it’s price is better but the thing is I can’t just get the exact skin a want unless I spend a lot of money since in order to buy specific guns you can’t actually buy the separate currency used to buy it. Until then great game. Rip my WiFi

Need other wats to get credits

This is a very good game i love playing it i play it everyday the only thing i would like is if you guys made it easier to get credits thats my only problem other than that a great game keep up the good work


I’ve waited a week and still haven’t gotten my credits. I bought 3$ worth of credits, and it says “pending”. Please fix this.

Great game but...

Great game but there is a lot of hackers!


The game is good Filled with hackers,lag,campers, and also terrible hit markers Also a completely toxic community in all my games atleast 3 people are being mean In ranked Edit: u haven’t fixed anything Edit: lol u scrubs who can’t develop just ban all afk tires of being wit dem Edit: hahaha lol now I get to include smurfs and trools and long wait times for ranked Edit: can’t play competitive no more what r u fixing again? Can’t even play ranked now thx critical ops (sarcasm)

The best game in the world

This game is the best I’m you fan

Good game

This game is really good I could play it all day if I could but I can’t but keep it UP critical OPS now I am going to do Radom words. Hey guys I am going home now to pick up some of my money for the new house and then I’ll join us tomorrow I have a friend that can we play soccer at the game and I can get it for the next few hours and then we play soccer at the house I can pick up some of those I want you can pick up the money for you tomorrow I will pick it tomorrow and then go pick up the money for the house I will get you a new Xbox. LoL I hope that was funny those were Radom words guys so yea

Fantastic game.

This game is so fun. It’s so fun and addictive. Best FPS I have ever played on mobile by far.

To many credits

The game is amazing but the critical pass costs to many credits.


Please, Please, Please! Add mFi controller support! Thank you! Awesome game BTW.

Critical ops on the iPhone X or higher

While I enjoy playing the game it is actually pretty annoying when you are trying to switch weapon fast sometime it will just exit the app instead. Also the display is not fully cover like myself I can’t see the FPS because it is in the corner.

Pls Fix ur game

Since u guys took out mods its hackers everywhere you guys said u made an system that ban hackers but no hackers got banned cos every game i see hackers and i rage and i almost deleted game fix it pls


It’s mobile CS go

Fun but you need skills

I love this game and I would play this for 1 or 2 hours straight the only thing that’s bugging me is that when you do one of the survey thing you don’t get coins I played 2 games the entire night and I didn’t get any coins for 3523 so can you please fix that and can you give me my coins back? My username is jadieRzPRz it’s a weird name my friend made up.

Dear Critical ops Developer

Can you give me 5 or 10 cases free because I reached over 200 subscribers and I really think you will be kind enough to give me 5 or 10 cases my ign is gamer genie



Used to be a good game

I came running to leave this review I don’t care about rewards !!! Please !!! If it’s not free I don’t care about it, seems like we have to be reminded that we can receive rewards such as skins and stuff and you actually have to purchase it! I don’t care about possible skins! Just want the old critical ops back, and also is there a way to rejoin match and play with the players again in defuse ??? Can we have the options to be girls opettes ! I’m being serious


Since the new update I have a crappy connection to the game it used to be fine it’s really not fun anymore

New update same problems

Update after update and a year later since playing this game there’s still a bunch of hackers and lag when you average 30 ping. Completely given up on ranked almost impossible to find a match and when you do there’s a hacker on the other team. The new critical pass should’ve been like 5$ honestly not worth 10$.

I love it but

I really love this game but plz give me the skins and kills that I use to have I was 380 “sigh” I forgot forget it

Really Good needs more weapons

Maybe there should be weapons such as the Vector, Scorpion Evo, L85A2 maybe LMG category like the M249, M-60

Have some cheates,

Have some cheaters but still great game

Hackers be gone!

Love this game. Been playing for 3 years. Love my clan FU2. Ranked is dope. Super addicting.

Favorite game but hackers ruin everything

I don’t think I need to say any more.... very self explanatory

Great game love it

Best game ever I starting to see less hackers now since the login update perfect game I’ll recommend it to my friends they rated it 5 stars I love this game just one issue is on the home screen sometimes it says no connection even tho I WiFi and then 5 secs it crashes love for that to be fixed but rest great

Needs more game modes

It needs more game modes I’m tired of the same 3 please new game modes


I play this game every day, best mobile fps. Its just like csgo. Only thing i need is left handed!

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