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Crit ops

I want u to add a 10k dollar rocket launcher

Scam and waste of time

U guys scammed me big this time i did a final fantasy level 10 citadel and when i finished i check 1 hour later it wasnt there Then i tried it again for 1000 credits and i got scammed again i did grind for this for a while and then i tried a little one for 400 credits and it didnt give me any Good Job Critical force - Nicholas



Fix the lag

Other than lag, it’s a solid game

Easy to make accounts

It is so easy to make accounts, there’s absolutely no wonder why there are many hackers and smurfs. Secure sign ups will make the game more secure from these type of things. On my observation, the numbers beside operatives are now more than 100000000. Since I’ve been playing this for a long time, the number beside the operatives shows how much accounts of operatives were made. I’ve tried discussing this with people, but no one believes me about that this could be the reason why the game is so laggy. Just delete operatives and make the sign up security even more strict so less hackers and smurfs (and probably lag).

Won’t retrieve my Game Center account

It keeps saying request fail even though I do have a Game Center account on this game from the last time I played

Best game ever

I like the whole game. Just one thing,the credits. I have no problem with the system. Maybe just change it to that you get 2 or 3 missions everyday. Another idea is give 3 missions a day but reduce the price like 15-25 credits. Ik its a csgo game but maybe add credits with the end of the match. Like 5 or 3 something each match for grind. Just some ideas thx.

Good game but broken

This game is probably the best FPS game I’ve experienced. It’s super good but I love how your characters freaking shield does nothing.#1-your persons shield doesnt affect or protect you at all.#2 I would sometimes just randomly lag and teleport to places out of the random.#3 sometimes i would glitch and I would shoot the enemy for A WHOLE CLIP and he would still be alive and of course.. i die. If you know these glitches please fix them also great game but some things need to be fixed.

iPhone X support

Get support for the iPhone X the game is good but the black bars are ugly

Not Supported

Can you please support iPhone X? Would be 5/5 if supported. Amazing game.

Please add more pistols!

Please add more pistols here are some pistols desert eagle,Five Seven,Glock and some more

Favorite game but...

This is the best mobile shooting game so far I’ve been playing this since a year. But as I can see in every update fps gets lower and lower so please fix this, I remember a year ago there were always 60fps on iPhone 5s and now? 30fps


I paid $10 for crates and I didn’t get it😡😡😡😡

So guys this is the best game ever....

OMG this is literally the best game ever better than Fortnite (jk) but it can actually be comparable in my opinion. Well let’s just say it’s the best game in the app tore (this is my opinion btw).

You are

The same goes on my iPad to.

Market update

Please please make like a market type update where you can trade and sell skins I think this would make the game so much more appealing to many more people instead of having to buy cases with real money to get good tier skins(I have spent an uncomfortable amount of money in this game) and am looking forward to have another reason to play. Maybe make a app on iOS or for a computer to design skins and every month some will be put into the game.

Fun game but it needs to not have the leaver penalty

The leaver penalty makes the game not fun because if you accidentally pushed it you would not be able to play a game for 1:20 seconds and it would make the other people leave to


I would start by saying this is one of the best FPS out there by far but there are issues and problem that needed to be fixed. One of the issues is credits Its is very hard to get credits in the game. First off the daily mission is great simple easy credits but it gives u one per day. Secondly the milestones are a great way to get credits but my honest opinion is that the milestone takes up too much effort in the game like 300 knife kills just for 30 credits. I would recommend that u increase the reward or decrease the amount of kills needed to get the reward. Lastly I think the game should be a little more competitive like Wage Credits and play against each other Like a new game mode. I mean it isn’t very fair that Only the pros gets to play for stuff. I mean it don’t matter if we are the number 1 spec ops we get nothing out of it. My very Last honest Opinions is that the game should be a little more rewarding. Thank you for taking the time to read this

It needs a taser for counter terrorists

I will be straight up i love this game it’s the best multiplayer gun FPS game I know right now that is actually free. But it should have a taser for counter terrorists.


It’s a good game but it’s got horrible servers and very glitchy gameplay and it’s just frustrating. I was playing gun game and then got to level 5 and had constant disconnects and reconnects and lost all my levels. Got to level one then lost my level from ANOTHER disconnect. The servers are too problematic and it makes this game unplayable. It’s a great game not gonna lie but the terrible servers make it impossible to play

Good game but one problem

Okay I just started this game a few days ago but I can already notice a big problem for me. Why can’t you shoot with the left hand side of the screen?? I usually play fortnite and Pubg which both allow you to shoot and aim at the same time so it was a huge problem when I couldn’t do this. Please please fix this and it will make the game 10 times better!


CRITICAL OPS is one of the BEST FPS shooters I've ever played! Though, there is one problem you can fix. And ideas you can add to the game. PROBLEM • Missions pay off TOO LOW. [EX: 500 Frag Gernade Kills = 30] Upgrade it more to over 30 to 3,000+ at least (Depending on how difficult the task is.) (EXAMPLE: 30 Frag Gernade Kills = 90) You should also have missions for other currencies to! IDEAS 〜 NEW WEAPONS 1 – ASSULT RIFLES • SCAR-L • GROZA 2 – PISTOLS • P18C • R1895 3 − SNIPER RIFLES • AWM • VSS 4 – THROWABLES • MOLOTOV COCKTAIL: Type of highly explosive gernade; it can spread huge fires around the area! 5 − MELEE • CROWBAR: Long-metal bar; it can do more damage then the Knife. 6 − SHOTGUNS • DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN: 2 hits = INSTENT DEATH! But doesn't shoot that far; must be shot at a closer range. 〜 SCOPES Instead of just being for SNIPER RIFLES, why for ASSULT RIFLES, SUBMACHINE GUNS, and PISTOLS. I'm not sure which one, so I'll let you guys decide. 〜 NEW MODES • DUCK HUNT: The sniper (Dog) must try and shoot the runners (Ducks). There will be a stage, where you must go up each floor leading up to the exit. As you go up though, you'll find very few areas of decks you can hid under. You'll have around 5-10 mins. to finish. There are 10 floors – all very long. • PRACTICE MODE: The mode is based on training your skills. To start, choose the map you want to play on. Set on the number and difficulty for bots you want to fight with (1−14 bots) (DIFFICULTIES: Effortless, Standard, Challenging, Infernal and Intense!) • ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Zombies have entered through the map! Your team of 2-14 players must survive the waves of zombies coming through! Each wave gets harder as you go through, so it won't be so easy. If a player dies, they can either spectate or join the group of zombies. 〜 NEW PLAYER SKINS Instead of the same generic terrorist and counter-terrorist skins, why not add patterns to them? Like the ones you put on guns. 〜 NEW MAP • NYC (CHAOTIC): An abandoned city filled with rusty cars, tall buildings, a plaza, explosive barrels, streets, secret hideouts and many more! • DIVISION (DARKER): The catch is everything is all STRAIGHT-UP DARK! You'll never know who's going to pop out in any moment. Though everything is dark, there will be limited light sources across the map, but may be little.

So fun!!! Wish it was on PC

The game is so fun but I just wish it was on Stream or on PC so I can see the game in 4K but still the game is super fun!

How to download please help

How to download this game on pc

Credits Issue

Gameplay was a great, but earning credits is hard. You don't earn any from playing games, and every time I complete and offer I don't get my credits.

Pretty amazing

Can someone tell me how to use chat!?!?!?

Mobile CS-GO

Critical Ops is my favorite game and the new summer 88’ has me going crazy with buying the cases

The best

This is the best game I have Been playing for 12 hours on my iPad.This is the game that is unstoppable

Awesome game... BUTT >:P

So I’ve had this game for a while now. Very addictive and incredible game compares with most of the fps games out there. However, before the bazillions of updates, I was playing just fine. My FPS (frame per second) was always at 60. Now it struggles to even keeping it at constant and would go between 35 - 59 FPS. I’ve never experienced lag and rubber banding as much as before. This game sometimes feels so unplayable since my iPhone 6s can’t keep the FPS up even when I had my graphic settings as crappy as possible. If you are playing this game without a good FPS, doesn’t matter how good you are (a solo queue diamond rank try hard like me), just consider going back to CSGO because at least you can see other people peeking before they kill you.

This game USED to be fun

I’ve played this game for a while now and at first it was lots of fun! Really cool mobile game with great maps, guns, and overall gameplay BUT the latest updates are terrible. The game lags ALL the time. It’s no longer enjoyable and it’s pretty frustrating. I hope this gets fixed.


Thx for fixing fps in iPhone 6

The Ak-47

The all should be needed a lot their is no diversity in the game u get in a game and boom you’re 1-7 because of aks


Amazing game to play with your friends to have fun but also offers the intensity for rank.... Ps please add some small maps only for 1v1s where people can also spectate!!!


The game is awesome but it needs more.Getting credits takes a long time and I think you should get small amounts of credits after each match.I also think that customization for your character would make the game a lot better.The last thing is I thin just there should be more guns and attachments for them. Pls consider some of these


Just trash

New update fixed freezing

Thanks to this new update, my ipad mini 2 wouldn't freeze anymore! But the fps is still kinda low but at least it is still playble! Also the servers are absolute crap


So I really love this game so far but can you please do something in custom games which weapon your only allowed to use as an option like knifes for example that would be really cool!!!!

Luv it

Imma keep this short and sweet; the only thing that would make this game better is if you could add attachments that you got from chests/ boxes. That is all. O btw pls no battle Royale. That’d be dumb cuz this isn’t frickin Fortnut or PubG. Thx!🐕


You. Can’t. Aim. Down. Sights. Pls fix this it’s almost perfection

So fun 👏🏻

I love this Game so much I’m addicted

Poor multiplayer

This game is pretty much counter strike for your phone. It does not take much skill and ranked is truly terrible, half the time most of your team just leaves the game so you lose. If you want to play a game like this just buy counter strike.

No credits

I bought 2.99 of credits and didn’t receive them.


I gain friends quickly in game but you can only have 50 so you have to lose friends to get more

What even happened

i played this game serious for maybe a year by now and back in march everything was fine id have a 30-50 ping and not be teleporting and if i did it was very unfrequent now i can have the same ping or even BETTER and teleport so frequent i just want to delete the game.

Got my account banned for being to GOOD!

I just got banned for no reason I guess if you get reported enough your definitely a hacker I guess?

I absolutely love this game, but..

This game is one of the best games I’ve ever had. I love playing it. But lately, it lags so bad that you can’t even play correctly. You shoot someone but the game throws you back to the spot you were before. It’s very annoying

Scams With “free” Coin surveys and offers and Video

I sat here for almost an hour trying to find an offer that works, not one offer gave me my credits despite completion of all the survey with accurate info please fix the surveys. Also after a while of consecutively watching the videos provided at some point it just stops giving you credits for the videos, it’s usually 6 credits a video, however the videos at one point come into this infinite loop but with no credits earned please fix otherwise the game itself is incredible and I have been playing it for many months now

Awful Servers

Every minute or so, the servers lag spike, rubber band me and it is awful. It completely ruins the game, competitive scene and it made me leave my clan because the game has become unplayable. I feel that after two years of supporting this game and playing on the competitive scene that I deserve a bit more than the awful experience that I have been getting lately and it’s coming to the point to that I have uninstalled the game, after two years of heart, soul and even tears that I have put into this game. If the servers are finally fixed I will come back to this game, play my heart out once again, and give this game a 5 star review.

Free for all

Add free for all

Great game just a bit to laggy

I love the game but it’s so laggy pls fix

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